Are Lip Fillers Safe? The Risks and Side Effects of Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips. But before you decide to get lip fillers, it's important to understand the risks and side effects associated with the procedure. Injectable lip augmentation techniques involve injecting substances such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, or botulinum toxin into the lips. When injected, these substances can cause allergic reactions, infections, and the death of skin cells.

Another risk is that an improper injection technique can cause not only swelling and lumps, but also more serious side effects, such as death of skin cells and embolism leading to blindness.Side effects reported in clinical trials include facial weakness, drooping of the eyelids and drooping of the eyebrows. Other adverse events included localized pain, swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection site. In rare cases, injections have caused double vision, dry eyes, or difficulty swallowing or breathing. Botulinum toxin injection products is not recommended for cosmetic purposes during pregnancy or breastfeeding.One of the most common side effects of lip surgery is mild bruising and swelling.

You will most likely experience this for a few days after the lip enhancement procedure is done. Redness will also appear near and around the mouth where the doctor injected the dermal fillers. Redness will be reduced in a few days. If you experience severe prolonged redness, swelling, or bruising, call your healthcare provider right away.In very rare cases, the filler may be accidentally injected into the blood vessels instead of under the skin.

What happens if blood flow is blocked will vary depending on where the blockage is located. If your skin is affected, you may have skin loss or wounds. If your eye is affected, you could lose your sight or become blind.After carefully marking the areas to be injected, very fine needles are used to inject the substance into the lips. However, people choose to get their lips done without fully understanding the side effects of lip fillers.

If you have a BLT allergy, your healthcare provider may give you a nerve block injection to numb your lips. If you are left with loose lips as a result of regular overinflation, the only remedy is lip reduction surgery, that is, trimming excess skin, which can leave significant scars.Fernández-Acenero and colleagues (200) reported on a 48-year-old woman who developed a lump on her upper lip 2 months after receiving a single Restylane injection. After another doctor recommended that she have injections in her lips every four months, this patient visited Grossman for her quarterly replacement.It is best to wait to eat until the injection of the topical anesthetic or nerve block has disappeared so as not to accidentally bite your lips or alter the filling. Involuntary injection into blood vessels The most serious risk associated with dermal fillers is accidental injection into a blood vessel.Keeping ice on the lips before injections also helps numb the area and potentially helps with bruising and swelling.

The amount of substance injected can be controlled, so that the doctor has better control over the amount of lip volume that is created.Another patient (Shafir et al 2000) was described as developing multiple “sterile abscesses” after injecting Restylane into her lips and nasolabial folds. In the subsequent interrogation, the patient acknowledged that she had received injections of Restylane into her lips by a dermatologist approximately 6 months before the development of the nodule, but she had not mentioned this because she did not believe that these two events were related.When it comes to obtaining dermal fillers to enhance the lips, be aware of both mild and more serious side effects of lip filler. Low-power view of a biopsy sample from the lower lip of a 74-year-old woman who developed a submucosal nodule of the lower lip. Injectable lip augmentation techniques can be performed quickly in your doctor's office with little or no downtime.

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