How long do fillers hurt for?

Even though the results are immediately visible, you should give the fillers some time to settle after the injection. It's common to have noticeable swelling for a couple of days, followed by very mild swelling for up to two weeks. I always recommend patients to wait at least that long before judging the final result. After the procedure, there may be pain, as the injected substance tends to displace skin tissues within the cheeks.

However, the pain should only be moderate and should not last for weeks. The doctor will include a prescription for pain relief as part of postoperative care guidelines. Injecting filler into the middle of the cheek will replace much of that volume lost by aging, and may even help brighten dark circles due to lack of space. It will also cause more light to be reflected on the face.

Samolitis says more isn't better here, because then you can start looking bloated and overloaded. With dermal filler injections, wait a maximum of 14 days for the filler to settle. Even better, you can address several cosmetic issues in a single hour, while it can take two to three hours to address an aesthetic problem with an invasive cosmetic procedure. Depending on the individual patient and the specific filling product used, the shelf life of cheek fillers may vary.

Because most injectors use hyaluronic acid filler, which is a natural substance, the likelihood of having a bad reaction to cheek filler is very small. Dermal filler injections will be injected on both sides of the face, and more filler will be placed in the areas you have asked them to target. Restylane is a dermal filler that is incredibly similar to Juvederm Vollure XC in that it's FDA approved for smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds by adding volume to the area. However, most filling products are infused with a product called lidocaine that helps create a gentle procedure and reduce the pain of any filling procedure.

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