Top-Notch Facial Fillers: Skin Savvy USA

Top-Notch Facial Fillers: Skin Savvy USA

Skin Savvy USA is one of the preferred destinations for people who want to delay and reverse skin aging and improve their overall look and appearance. It is strategically located in the heart of West Lake Hills, Texas, and is happy to serve people from all across Austin, Texas, and nearby areas. Modern therapies and procedures for the skin and body are offered by the aesthetic medicine team under the direction of Chrissy Gray Lim, PA-C. To ensure that you receive only the best services, the Skin Savvy USA staff regularly participates in continuous skill and knowledge training to stay adept with the trends in the medical aesthetics industry.

How do facial fillers can improve your looks?

Facial fillers are the ideal procedure for restoring youthful curves, emphasizing specific facial features, and increasing hydration for a naturally rejuvenated and younger-looking appearance. The smooth gel that makes up facial fillers is formed of hyaluronic acid (HA), a chemical that occurs naturally in the skin and helps to maintain structure, draw and hold water, and increase suppleness. The injection of fillers restores the loss of volume secondary to aging making fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

What are other look-enhancement results of facial fillers?

It improves the shape of the chin and jawline - You might believe that getting a permanent chin implant is the only method to bulk up a weak or retreating chin. However, a less invasive way to fix a weak chin is with facial filler. A facial filler is injected into certain areas of the chin to restore volume and improve chin projection. A filler can also be injected under the jawline's skin to reshape it or make it appear more symmetrical visibly.

Can it help improve the appearance of the Nose?

It can help improves the appearance of the nose - You'll be relieved to learn that a filler can be used to conduct a non-surgical rhinoplasty if you don't like the way your nose looks but do not want to undergo a full rhinoplasty treatment. To aesthetically alter your nose, a facial filler is injected into certain areas of the nose. It can be used to add volume to the nose's tip, smooth out a bump on the bridge, and even change the size and shape of your nostrils. You may also look younger by using a filler to fix the tip of your nose, which can start to droop as you age.

What about the cheek bones?

Yes, Injectable filler helps create an illusion of more defined cheekbones - A face is defined by high, pronounced cheekbones, which also help to slim down a round face and give a face a younger appearance. Contouring is one of the common ways to achieve the appearance of higher cheekbones. Injecting fillers under the cheekbones gives the appearance of prominent cheekbones.

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